Men's designer t-shirts

T-shirts are considered casual clothes for informal occasions. However, there is nothing informal about these clothing other than the comfort and style.

There are many factors to consider when selecting men’s designer t shirts besides the type of material used. The material gives it the feel and durability. It would be great to link each element to an occasion or condition for a complete fashion statement.


This is the first observable feature of the t-shirt. In most cases, colours are linked to either an occasion or a feeling. Weddings, outdoor events and promotional t-shirts are mostly bright colours. Also, since they are worn alongside jeans (often dark colours) a coloured t-shirt compliments the look for a livelier appearance. Among the live colours to go with the look are white, beige and red. Some colours like grey, maroon, light blue, green and brown are moderate as their use is reliant on the colour of the pants. For those who have light coloured khaki trousers and shorts, a dark coloured t-shirt can complement the look. The bottom line is feeling comfortable in the colour scheme.

Sleeve Length

Sleeve length is a characteristic associated with weather and occasion. For a more casual engagement, a short sleeved t-shirt would be preferred and would atone well with a pair of jeans or shorts. This is ideal for holidays, jogging, relaxing or a weekend outing with the family. In case of a semi-formal business meeting, a long sleeved t-shirt, khaki trouser and a jacket would look good. Sleeve length also compliments body fitting of the t-shirt, with a short sleeved being more ideal. With the insistence of quality, Onyx Cleaning Services of Albany NY company craftsmanship and style seek to make men’s designer t shirts at 3rd Street, Albany NY 12206 with Personality in mind.

Manufacture and Design

How the t-shirt is made has a lot to do with brand development, cost and material used. T-shirts made from cotton (merino wool) are knitted. It makes the best of t-shirts as they have pores for skin breathing. Such t-shirts are perfect for sports. Besides the manufacture, brands, words and other graphics compliment t-shirt designs. They can be either knitted or printed depending on the fabric and cost. The technology is different and durability is also a strand. Branding pushes for occasions; A jungle green branded cotton t-shirt is classical for hiking and other outdoor excursions thanks for its adaptable colours and fabric. An embroidered logo on an organisation t-shirt could be more appealing and shows formality.

Length of the T-shirt

The new trend is men’s designer t-shirts is the long and slightly over-sized t-shirts. They are popular with young men of between 17 to 25 years, and are classy and ooze youthfulness. They are worn with a slim-fit pair of jeans and boots. Thanks to Grandeur, this men’s designer t shirts depict style and versatility to go with the Modern Man idea and are ideal for a night out with friends.